Tuition & Fees

Young Muslim Academy is an after-school and weekend programme to assist young children
in learning more about their religion and identity as Muslims.
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YMA New Fees Structure 2018/2019

# of Children 1st Term
2nd Term
3rd Term
Yearly Advance Payment
1 Child £120 £120 £120 £360 £350
2 Children £220 £220 £220 £660 £640
3 Children £330 £330 £330 £990 £960
4 Children £440 £440 £440 £1320 £1280
5 Children £550 £550 £550 £1650 £1600


    The below fee rate reflects the amount of money we need to effectively run the school. Our fee remains dramatically lower than other similar service providers. The wisdom in keeping the fee low is that we want all children to benefit from the Young Muslim Academy. Additionally management will:

    • Give £10.00 discount per child for those that have 1+ sibling/s.
    • Give a further £10.00 per child off the final figure for siblings if advanced yearly payment is given.
    • Encourage termly payment to be by standing order or direct debit

    In order to avoid late payments or withdrawals without notice to the office, payment has been scheduled and broken down as follows:

    • Fees must be paid by new pupils upon acceptance before being permitted to start classes. (minimum one instalment)
    • If a child leaves within the deadline then the minimum (1 instalment) must be paid.
    • Payment is given at the beginning of each fee term: 3 payments In total by the end of the academic year
    • Fees must be paid within 2 weeks of the fee term
    • Parents that wish to pay their fees in instalments can do so in two instalments within the deadline
    • All registered pupils will be considered as continuing pupils unless we are notified otherwise by parents and as such they will be liable to all fees and charges if they attended in that particular term as per the terms and conditions signed by all parents.
    • Fess can be paid in cash, cheque or via bank transfers. We do not accept direct debits. (exceptions will be made for parents on a payment plan)
    • No refunds will be made.

    • If payment is not made and 2 weeks have passed, a letter will be sent out to parents giving one week to pay the outstanding fee.
    • If after receiving a letter and payment is still not made then parents will be phoned and a final deadline will be given i.e. the next day the child/children will be attending classes.
    • If after the final deadline payment is still not made then the child/children will not be permitted to attend lessons and must stay in the office until the fee is paid.
    • If the child/children miss 2 or more lessons and still no payment has been made then they will have to be removed from the register and sent home.
    • Any child/children that have outstanding payment from any previous fee terms will not be permitted to enter class and removed from the register unless payment is made.

    • Any child/children that get removed from the register can only re-apply to go on the waiting list again once payment is made in full.
    • If a child/children leave the madrassah without paying their outstanding fees then they cannot reenrol unless payment is made.
    • If after leaving the madrassah with outstanding payment, parents that wish to re-enrol their child/children MUST pay the outstanding fee in full before being put on the waiting list.
    • Payment plans are only available to the following parents: a) Those that have financial difficulties in paying the fees within the given timeframe
    b) Special cases
    • Those who have financial difficulties must put it in writing, which will be assessed to determine their eligibility for a delayed payment.
    • These cases will have to submit notes to Admin to be filed for the records.
    The procedure will be as follows:-
    • A meeting will be arranged with the head teacher and parents and a fair decision will be made
    • In the meeting we will discuss a suitable amount of instalments in which the outstanding payment will be paid in (usually 3 instalments) if needed.
    • All payments must be paid by the given deadlines
    • Failure to pay on time will then result in following the procedure for late payments.