Our Mission

The YMA provides a range of activities which encourage reflection and participation
contributing to the social, moral, physical, intellectual and spiritual development of the children
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Our Mission

The Young Muslim Academy is an educational organisation aimed at young Muslims living across South East London. Our programme of study aspires to instil the importance knowledge, morals manners, wisdom, tolerance, respect and leadership based upon the Noble Quran and pure traditions of the Prophet Mohammed (may the blessings and peace of Allah be upon him). Our dream is that, with the help of Allah, we will help shape the future generation of Young Muslims who, by the will of Allah, become shining examples for our society.

In light of the above our vision is to ensure that each young Muslim we work with reaches his / her maximum potential as a Muslim and a citizen.

Although academic excellence and progress is very close to our hearts we endeavour to reach such excellence through the below aims and objectives, as opposed to achieving academic results at the cost of such noble goals.

The key aims and objectives of the Young Muslim Academy are as follows:

We aim, first and foremost, to inculcate within our Young Muslims a strong sense of love for Allah, glory be to him the most high and his last and final Messenger Muhammad (may the blessings and peace of Allah be upon him). In addition to this we aim to instil within our young Muslims the importance of loving good for humanity and loving good for the society in which they are so firmly a part of. Importantly, we also aim to run a programme of study and activities that our Young Muslims love to attend.

We aim to teach our Young Muslims the importance of respecting themselves and others. We want to encourage our Young Muslims, in line with the Quranic spirit and the Prophetic tradition, to act in a tolerant and respectful manner towards themselves, their families, their neighbours and to those who belong to different faith communities.

We strive to inspire a strong sense of pride in our Young Muslims. We want them to be proud to be Muslim and proud to be ambassadors their faith and honoured to speak up for each and every aspect of it.

We aim high with respect to the academic level we expect our students to reach; however, we do want to achieve such results in an environment that is friendly fun and interactive. Our syllabus and teaching methods reflect this aim.